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Digital visibility is mostly ensured through some budget spared for this end. With good reason, our clients wish to have maximum engagement and ROI to get their money’s worth. So, do we!

Our Media Planning & Operation Team provides you with their expert knowledge regarding the media channels and customers’ buying patterns. We monitor the trajectories of our active campaigns day by day and we conduct operational processes by taking necessary actions in line with the constantly changing trends of communication. Also, we keep our clients informed at each and every phase via our detailed reports and status meetings.

In the last ten years, the world of digital marketing has drastically changed under the influence of programmatic advertising. Now, ad-buying has been mainly done with the support of software using machines and algorithms to buy display spaces.

At UpLift, we merge these technological developments with our expert knowledge of digital marketing. By flawlessly making use of data management and demand-side platforms, we determine the most convenient buying patterns and carry out the targeting in the optimum way.

Organic visibility in the digital world is as crucial as purchased ads. Any brand needs to attract traffic to its website and to ensure that these visits are relevant to the content there.

At UpLift, our SEO Team provides the best search engine optimization solutions to our clients. Through detailed analysis and well-organized planning, we guarantee that our clients’ websites will be displayed in the optimum position in organic searches and will attract qualified traffic.

Performance marketing, as a recently-developing area of digital marketing, is an indispensable part of our services. This advertisement model grows more and more since it enables brands to pay according to measurable results.

At UpLift, our experts with a genuine understanding of different media channels conduct extensive search engine and social media ad campaigns. We support our clients in planning these processes in the most efficient and optimum way. In various search engines, we combine our campaign strategies with visual networks and video ads. In social media, we make our clients reach their goals about brand awareness, followers, and sales.

A customer journey map is one of the principal elements needed to plan and conduct the most efficient media campaigns. To increase the performance of a website or any other marketing channel, an in-depth analysis of customer behavior should be the guiding principle in the organization of all processes.

At UpLift, by expertly using Analytics software, we analyze your media investments and data to make the most efficient suggestions by focusing on the areas that need improvement.

Personalization is an indispensable component of a successful media campaign. People mostly enjoy being directly addressed during their digital journey. Thanks to our partnerships with various marketing automations, namely Sharpspring, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Insider, and Revotas, we can track our clients’ digital journey. Thereby, we can directly speak to them and call them to take certain actions. We measure their responses to our ads and continuously revise our media strategies accordingly.

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