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A logo might seem as the symbol of your brand, but the brand identity means actually a lot more than that. If a specific use of colors, a single word or a simple tune make people think of your brand instantly, as every company desires, then you have a strong brand identity.

So, at BrandLift, we push ourselves to think outside the box and help you to make your brand distinguishable. By blending our creative approach with a strategical perspective, we create brands that people notice and love.

Creative strategy is a detailed and long-term plan of brand communication that enables your brand identity and message to reach the correct audience at the right time. Since it is directly based on your company’s goals, it becomes a key component of success.

At BrandLift, we first analyze the tendencies and digital habits of your target audience. We form a tone of communication verbally and visually by directly addressing people who we aim to reach. We create a long-term road map including what your brand says in addition to when and on which channel your brand says these.  And we regularly revise our strategy by taking new trends into consideration. 

Social media has a very fast pace with constantly changing topics and trends. Yet, we have a faster team composed of social media managers and specialists. We adapt the creative strategy for social media and manage your accounts according to the dynamics of these platforms. From social media projects to user-generated content and real-time posts that keep up with the changing trends, we offer you our extensive expertise on social media. We continuously measure and regularly report the success of your accounts. We increase the number of your followers and, then, turn them into engaged customers. 

Creativity is at the core of our work. An engaged audience is possible only through creatively-produced content, we believe. 

So, our Content and Creative Strategy Team works hard to present you with a general road map for your brand communication and provide you with its platform-based adaptations. We generate appealing stories and reach the audience in the most engaging way.

An artistic gaze and a creative perspective on the visual content make all the difference your brand needs to become distinguishable.

So, our Art and Design Team is ready to present you with a visual world unique to your brand, compatible with your identity, and perfectly reflects your message. By combining our dynamic perspective with an innovative approach, we make your brand shine out in each and every platform.

Animated content has been ahead of the static ones for years. When successfully produced, it is more appealing and engaging in many instances.

Our Video Animation Team prepares dynamic videos that your audience can consume with pleasure. We take your needs into consideration and produce a wide range of options as different technologies allow us.


How your brand identity and communication strategy represent your company is still of utmost importance. However, a brand also continues its journey through what others say about it. Its organic involvement in people’s lives, therefore, becomes more and more significant.

Being aware of the significant effect of users’ comments on your products, we include influencer marketing in our general creative strategy. We get in touch with convenient public figures at the right moment to generate an effective influencer project.

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